Technical updates

PowerShellGet を触ってみよう

Windows Management Framework 5.0 May Preview から、 PowerShellGet が追加されました。

Microsoft Download Center : Windows Management Framework 5.0 Preview May 2014

OneGet との違いを見てみましょう。




項目 PowerShellGet OneGet
用途 PowerShell Module の取得 ソフトウェア(Package)の取得
Module PowerShellGet OneGet
コマンド *-Module *-Package
取得対象 PowerShell Resource Gallery 現在はChocolateyのみ

CodePlex, GitHub, various blogs, TechNet Script Centerなどからのモジュールを探す手間を、PowerShell Resource Galleryギャラリーからに登録することで省力化するのが目的ですね。 Nuget からだと思ったら違ってしょぼーん

OneGet Cmdlets

OneGet に含まれる Cmdlet 一覧です。

Get-Command -Module OneGet
CommandType Name                 Source
----------- ----                 ------
Cmdlet      Add-PackageSource    OneGet
Cmdlet      Find-Package         OneGet
Cmdlet      Get-Package          OneGet
Cmdlet      Get-PackageSource    OneGet
Cmdlet      Install-Package      OneGet
Cmdlet      Remove-PackageSource OneGet
Cmdlet      Uninstall-Package    OneGet

PowerShllGet Cmdlets

PowerShllGet に含まれる Cmdlet です。

Get-Command -Module PowerShellGet
CommandType Name           Source       
----------- ----           ------       
Function    Find-Module    PowerShellGet
Function    Install-Module PowerShellGet
Function    Publish-Module PowerShellGet
Function    Update-Module  PowerShellGet

まずは、Module の検索から。

PowerShellGet で、 モジュールを世界から探す場合は Find-Module を利用します。OneGet の Find-Packegeと同様の命名規則ですね。

初回実行時には、次のように NuGet.exe が Galleries から取得するための許可を求めてきます。

NuGet.exe is required to continue.
PowerShellGet requires NuGet.exe to interact with NuGet based galleries. NuGet.exe must be available in
'C:\Users\acquire\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\PowerShell\PowerShellGet'. For more information about NuGet, see Do you want PowerShellGet to download NuGet.exe to
'C:\Users\acquire\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\PowerShell\PowerShellGet' now?
[Y] Yes  [N] No  [S] Suspend  [?] Help (default is "Y"):



Version  Name                         DateUpdated         Description                                                  
-------  ----                         -----------         -----------                                           AutoVars                     2014/05/13 6:37:19  Allows for the definition of automatic (calculated) variab...  CimInventory                 2014/05/15 7:47:22  Module that should help read data from CIM/WMI data from r...
6.0      ConversionModule             2014/05/07 6:34:14  a module that performs various unit conversions              
1.0      EWS                          2014/05/12 3:20:17  Module to enable automating mail-related tasks        FAQ                          2014/05/15 8:26:13  A Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) module as a dem...
1.0      GenericMethods               2014/05/09 2:53:45  The Invoke-GenericMethod function allows you to call gener...  HardwareManagement           2014/05/14 5:28:11  Out-of-band hardware management module                       
1.1      IEFavorites                  2014/05/14 11:30:05 Used to manage Internet Explorer favorites                   
1.0      InlineMailAttachments        2014/05/09 2:33:11  This module contains a PowerShell re-implementation of the...  ISEGit                       2014/05/12 3:48:48  Module to work with git in PowerShell ISE. Configured usin...
3.0      LocalUserManagement          2014/05/13 6:17:19  a module that performs various local user management funct...  LockObject                   2014/05/14 9:41:05  Lock-Object is a PowerShell implementation of C#'s "lock" ...  MyDefaults                   2014/05/08 4:47:21  Sets and gets default values for function parameters. Comp...
1.4      myModule                     2014/05/09 2:18:33  My PowerShell Module for the demo!                           
1.0      PoshInternals                2014/05/07 21:56:43 Collection of system internals tools for PowerShell.         
2.2.1    PoshWSUS                     2014/05/07 11:48:49 PowerShell module to manage a WSUS Server.                   
1.2      PowerShellCookbook           2014/05/15 8:32:23  Sample scripts from the Windows PowerShell Cookbook          
1.1      PowerShellHumanizer          2014/05/08 9:36:47  PowerShell Humanizer wraps Humanizer: meets all your .NET ...
4.0      PowerShellISEModule          2014/05/07 8:51:00  a module that adds capability to the ISE                     
1.1      PowerShellLogging            2014/05/07 14:02:02 Captures PowerShell console output to a log file.            
1.0      PreferenceVariables          2014/05/09 2:59:43  The Get-CallerPreference function allows functions in Scri...  Pscx                         2014/05/04 14:55:43 PowerShell Community Extensions (PSCX) base module which i...  PSReadline                   2014/05/13 0:12:18  Great command line editing in the PowerShell console host  ScriptCS                     2014/05/07 13:00:33 Allows execution of ScriptCS from your PowerShell session.   
1.0      ScriptTransforms             2014/05/14 0:46:55  Enables you to define function parameter transformation at... ScsmPx                       2014/04/18 10:08:32 The ScsmPx module facilitates automation with Microsoft Sy...  SNMP                         2014/05/14 2:51:13  Module to manage systems using SNMP.                         
2.0      SQLite                       2014/05/15 8:22:23  The SQLite PowerShell Provider allows PowerShell to intera...
1.0      StringTokens                 2014/05/09 4:00:40  The Get-StringToken function extracts tokens from a delimi...
1.1      TCPServer                    2014/05/14 11:30:19 Module used to create a TCP Server locally or remotely and...  TestConnectionAsync          2014/05/09 2:38:51  Test-ConnectionAsync allows you to ping hundreds of addres...  TxF                          2014/05/07 12:51:02 Provides transactional file system operations.        TypeAccelerator              2014/04/15 8:24:13  The TypeAccelerator module provides a set of commands that...
1.0.1    xActiveDirectory             2014/05/15 8:12:23  The xActiveDirectory module is a part of the Windows Power...
1.1.4    xAzureVMResources            2014/05/15 8:12:23  Module with DSC Resources for Azure Resources                
1.2.1    xComputerManagement          2014/05/15 8:12:23  The xComputerManagement module is a part of the Windows Po...
1.1.1    xDatabase                    2014/05/15 8:12:23  The xDatabase module is a part of the Windows PowerShell D...
1.0.1    xDscDiagnostics              2014/05/15 8:12:23  The xDscDiagnostics module is a part of the Windows PowerS...
1.1.1    xDSCResourceDesigner         2014/05/15 8:12:23  The xDscResourceDesigner module is a part of the Windows P...
1.1.1    xFailOverCluster             2014/05/15 8:12:23  The xFailOverCluster module is a part of the Windows Power...
2.1.1    xHyper-V                     2014/05/15 8:12:23  The xHyper-V module is a part of the Windows PowerShell De... xJea                         2014/05/15 8:12:23  Module with DSC Resources for Just Enough Admin (JEA).  Je...
2.1.1    xNetworking                  2014/05/15 8:12:23  The xNetworking module is a part of the Windows PowerShell...
1.0.0    xOneGet                      2014/05/15 8:12:23  DSC Resource for OneGet                                      
2.0.1    xPSDesiredStateConfiguration 2014/05/15 8:12:23  The xPSDesiredStateConfiguration module is a part of the W...
1.0.1    xRemoteDesktopSessionHost    2014/05/15 8:12:23  The xRemoteDesktopSessionHost module is a part of the Wind...
1.0.1    xSmbShare                    2014/05/15 8:12:23  The xSmbShare module is a part of the Windows PowerShell D...
1.1.2    xSqlPs                       2014/05/15 8:12:23  The xSqlPs module is a part of the Windows PowerShell Desi...
1.0.1    xSystemSecurity              2014/05/15 8:12:23  The xSystemSecurity module is a part of the Windows PowerS...
1.3.1    xWebAdministration           2014/05/15 8:12:23  The xWebAdministration module is a part of the Windows Pow...
PowerShell Resource Galley

これらのモジュールが公開されているリポジトリが、PowerShell Resource Gallery です。

PowerShell Resource Gallery

現在は Limited Preview のため、デモ利用以外に モジュールの作成などはできませんが、モジュール取得は可能です。


Module を PowerShell Gallery に公開するときに利用します。

この時利用するのは NuGet API キーですが、現在は Preview リリースなので、apiキーが無効となり利用できません。

Publish-Module -Path ".\valentia\valentia" -NuGetApiKey $nugetApiKey -Tag PowerShell -LicenseUri "" -ProjectUri "" 
NuGet.exe : Failed to process request. 'The specified API key is invalid or does not have permission to access the specified package.'. 
At C:\windows\system32\windowspowershell\v1.0\Modules\PowerShellGet\SourceTypes\PSGallery\PSGallery.psm1:549 char:19
+ ...   $output = & $script:NuGetClient push $NupkgPath  -source $PSGallery ...
+                 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (Failed to proce...ied package.'. :String) [], RemoteException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : NativeCommandError
The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden..
Publish-PSGetExtModule : Failed to publish module 'Pushing valentia 0.3.7 to ''...'.
At C:\windows\system32\windowspowershell\v1.0\Modules\PowerShellGet\PSGet.psm1:671 char:17
+                 Publish-PSGetExtModule -PSModuleInfo $moduleInfo `
+                 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo          : InvalidOperation: (:) [Write-Error], WriteErrorException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : FailedToPublishTheModule,Publish-PSGetExtModule



Find-Module で見つかった モジュールのインストールです。


Find-Module -Name PSReadline | Install-Module -Scope CurrentUser

これで、現在のユーザー Module フォルダにモジュールが入ります。


デフォルトのスコープが AllUser なため管理者権限を求めてきますが、 Scope を CurrentUser にすれば必要ありません。



Update-Module -Name PSReadLine


PS > Update-Module -Verbose
VERBOSE: Checking for updates for module 'PSReadline'.
VERBOSE: Found module 'PSReadline' with version ''.
VERBOSE: No updates were found for module 'PSReadline'.


Publish させてくだされ~。試すので申請しておきました。