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NICconf Opening and Keynote: Modernizing Windows Server/Modernizing Ourselves - by Jeffrey Snover

Are you already check it? This is the greate message from Jeffret Snover about "The way Microsoft is focusing." and "How PowerShell Automate with DataCenter.". Here's the Keynotes for anyone who don't kwnow.
NICconf Opening and Keynote: Modernizing Windows Server/Modernizing Ourselves - by Jeffrey Snover
For Japanese, Sorry but only this phrase is written in Japanese. "MSの方向性は、ServerからDatacenterへ / Cloudへ それに伴い、System CoreやWS2012では、Automationにより管理向上のため、PowerShellを利用したAuromationへ。 GUIも後方互換性として残すよ! WMIをOpen SourceしてOMIへ、 PowerShellはOMI (Standard)に乗っかっているので、同規格のものCiscoでも同一スクリプトで動作可能と。 MSはOpen Source Projectを進めて、ツール開発も提供していきます。"

Key notes for me

There are many phrases I prefered. Let see what were them. Wow, great!! yeah, it's true.
"Chance favors a prepared mind!!"
This is about Windows Server 2012, can you believe it? The Microsoft, The Microsoft said about "Windows Server is now a Cloud OS"!!!
the most significant change is how Windows Server views itself and its mission. Windows Server is now a CloudOS.
What is the "modernizing", can you answer it?
modernizing ourselves. - each of us have 2 jobs - integrated earnings.
career investment. we need to invest to career. Not only the job, skill but it means whole life and next stage.
theory of carrer investment - we all need to invest in our careers -- why should I invest? -- when should I invest? -- where should I invest? - decition made by: -- others -- you -- you despite others
Struding the past, and discover, or we can say kind of predict, of the future.
historical perspective - most things fail. "You know, like 3GO.... When Japan was take over the World, automation...... but failed, fade away..." - sucess takes long time. "You know the cloud, but it take 10 years!! " - successes don't die, they fade. "You know the Mainframe. you not see too many, but people are comfortabling."
What is the success? One of the answer is here.
makers of success. "How you know to mark as success?" 1. compelling economic advantage. "There are Party, and every one frunk in street or ....People come up to meThank you x3. Thank you for advantaging PowerShell!!" " If your Boss said, you don't need to learn. No. You got a lean this. Your job is learn PowerShell. Boss said sit down with paper. Oh what? I'm in trouble? But he said 70% raise!! "every thing you learn PowerShell, you are so productive and thank you." this is compelling economic advantage." 2. compatible 3. simple and adoptable 4. large sponsor 5. success
approach - behind the scenes of WS2012. - big changes - devops - a key industry trend - Hegel & PoerShell
Is it? Can I believe you MS? Identity.... I believe this is the point this session.....
Windos Server 2012: a modern OS dramatic transformation on storage. every single layer, of storage stacks, restructed storage. The answere os REFS!!! revolution on networking. DC TCP, DC bridging. Core things. Virtual Network. The transformation of identity. Us, Microsoft or Windows, how we view ourselves. What is our role, responsibility, how we thinks ourselves. There are 2 missions. 1. Abstruct Hadrwares 2. Services and Applications.
Where is the giant of IT? Here is, the Microsoft now looking into the "what is the needs and how Microsoft offers new point of view, approach for revenue of the company. No more VMware? Windows Server 2012 binding with System Center 2012 SP1 cab replace it?
planning with no code for a year! Talk to customers. check the conpetitors. Faggy idea of cloud became clear!! How? - High asset technology. --- Like NUMA was great but some times negative scaling. "IIS was used to great perfomance, until you hit 24 cores. when you hit 24 cores it shows negative perfomrance, due to NUMA. NUMA is non uniform memory access. If memory was cheap..... hmmmm. " - Experience. "What is he TOP 5 Software company, it should not difference with me and you. How about what is the TOP 5 web sites in the world." - The answer is "Modern Data Center : Windows Server 2012 & System Center 2012 SP1.
Microsoft took off there hats, and looking into cloud and whoes competitors.
transformation: server to datacenter. "To the past, Application was really tightly bind to the Server.Like it was very well in the past. But reallity was frafile, and virtualization was came. virtualisation came and it brough us greate agility. people sometimes gave greate consultations, but tring agility was just only network virtulisation or else. " "Microsoft have a greate competitors. There are great competitors, greate productes, application and enginners. Let's hat off to them. " on-premises, servic provider, Microsoft - with - Common virtualization management identity development
What was the HAL, the abstraction layer means.... now the DAL coming.
HAL!!!! modernizing the hardware abstraction layer (hal) NT / UNIX ------------ HAL ------------- x86 / MIPS HAL was the very important layer but not talked so much. This is what every one buy "PC". Now we release datacenter abstraction layer (dal) Windows | other ----------------------- DAL ----------------------- Compute | storage | Networking
Rumor was true...!? WMI changes stage to OMI and OPEN SOURCE by Microsoft!!! It can see with SAMBA.
moderninzing our comunity engagement "How fndamentory changes with Open Sources." - Microsoft is producing it's open source implementation of standards-based management. - It has a API symmetry with WMI V2 : providers and clients. "very small and fast. You know open sources are large and slow." - made source code available today through The open Group. "it will runs on cellphones, Windows, linux. " "It kind of crazy Microsoft produce open source for other people to use. "
Fantastic Demo!!! Check it out!!
Demo - PowerShell scripts to proceed step to shut down right network port is important - Stop Azure service for the first time you connected. "Remove-AzureNode -Computer Node 1314 -Comfirm" - Get Azure list. "Get-Cimsession | format-table Name, Protocol -Autosize " - Same script can be used in Cisco, which have same OMI. "This is the merit of Standarization by OMI. "
Never using PowerShell V2.0, dramatic change has been made with V3.0!!
Modernising our OS Configuration. - "Server Core" is now the preferred configuration - Server With a GUI prcided for backwad copatibility - Servers should managed by -- local or remote PowerShell -- remote GUIs running on client machines --We have great coverage of Management "1st version of PowerShell was shipped with 130 cmdlt" "2nd version was 230" "this version(3) over 2400"
It's was nightmare and I want forgot it.... great revolution with how we initially start OS!!
"In past, if you install for Server Core or installed full core and missed ....hhmmhmhmhmmh" But this relase no longer. start off with Server Core, go up to Full Server, and back down. another dramatic shift in Windows Server 2012. "Windows Server 2012 is NOT your dad's OS."
10 times a day!! great! Devops = enabling internet business via culture and tools. Devops, this is the style of what I want to be....
a career investment worth considering - devops - modern approach to IT. devops - born june 2009 at Velocity conference - John Allspaw & PAul HAmmond "10 deploys per day. Dev & Ops cooperation at Flickr" the gap problem - Devs VS Ops -- Devs write new featyres -- Ops keep the site running It's not my {machines / code}, It's your {code / machines} - DevOps culure is -- Devs thinking like Ops -- Ops thinking like Devs -- joint accountability
Speed, decition, with Clear View of current. future.
The important is focus on business - rethink everything from a business-centric perspective -- inernet is the prinacle of IT driven business -- at mass scale and speeds! - imagine a car having bad tires. -- traveliing at 400mph
PowerShell = Automation!!! Why don't you like CUI? Do think about Automation? What is the GUI, it's event driven but not automated....
automate or die - business requires change - ointernet businesses require rapid change - but chage is the root cause of most site-down. - eiather -- stop change...? - or --make change sage via auromation! Taguchi said "If you want quality, 1st think you must do is Consistancy" If you have consistance process, when you have bad result, you can tuen it to good change.
Truelly, YES.
PowerShell is greate devops tool - focus on business - meake change sage via automation - bridge the gap between Devs and Ops
| clip !!!! wow. I didn't know it to copy output into Clipboard. get-help about_windows_PowerShell_3.0 | clip No more "NET USE!!" New-SmbShare -Name TEST -PAth C:\TEMP Intellisence!! not only base name or property, but dynamic reading Scripts and get Property. It's crazy.
get-help about_windows_PowerShell_3.0 | clip New-SmbShare -Name TEST -PAth C:\TEMP
I want a show you my reagrds with your changes and your aspects for the future.
so big changes are afoot. datacedntes are being modernized we've modernized the OS time for us to invest and modernize ourselves.